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Cagleonline Gospel Ministry is now  Gospel Ministry of Christ.us .  The site has not changed – just the name.  I felt led to more clearly designate this site, but I did not wish to have to try to move it so Gospel Ministry of Christ will redirect to cagleonline.com.  Thanks be to God for His direction and guidance by the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 Promises to be a wonderful year.  Watch for updates on what the New Year will have in store.  I do need a week or two to prepare, so please bear with me and don’t forget, God is with you every minute of every day.  If I can do this, If I can make time for God, so can you!  Won’t you make a choice today to dedicate time to God every day next year?  You will be glad you did. 

As this site has become so large, I am now putting more content on the sister sites (With More to come in 2016)

new_animatedGospel Ministry of Christ.info

This will be the location for the 2016 Chronological Study of the Bible in one year. Please bookmark it.

new_animatedGospel Ministry of Christ.org

Can you spare a little time for God today? 

He is waiting for you!

YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE:  I have decided to leave these updates for now.  I have been so blessed by my recent near death ordeal, and I am still here to keep asking, Which God will you Choose? 

31 Dec Update.  Well it took until about 7 pm last night to get me home and set up with medical stuff I needed.  I am supposed to take it easy (yes, sure, tell God that!) so Jesus has given me a wonderful new task for the new year.  Just perfect for enrighment, study, hearing the Word of God in troubling times. A new direction.  I thank everyone for their prayers (don’t stop yet please) and I am trusting Jesus will point me down the road He wants me to travel in 2016.  I know it is taking me closer and closer to home!


Be sure to watch for our next foray into scriptures.

You my go to  http://www.gospelministryofchrist.com/  to access all the old (this site) and New content.  I will be using it as a portal page from now on.  Thank you.

I now have a ‘direction’ for 2016 (Thank you Lord Jesus).  We will be doing the bible in a year but in Chronological order.  The study should be interesting and as always, the more we study God’s word, the more Jesus speaks to us.  We are writing the Words of God on our hearts.  Please join us on the new site (this one has over 3,000,000 words and is just too large at this point) for our 2016 studies. Gospelministryofchrist.info (aka unnamedservents) will now be a location for further scriptural studies and content spillover from Cagleonline. To the Glory of God- Spreading the Gospel Truth of Jesus Christ. Have a Happy New Year.

May God Almighty open your heart to the truth and keep you from deception.
May Jesus guide your footsteps and may the Holy Spirit be your comfort.
May God Bless.  AMEN

30 Dec Update:  Going Home today. Biopsy results next week.  Meanwhile, God has work for me to do so, I have scheduled the last couple of posts for the year and I am beginning work on Next year’s studies – as God leads.  Thank you all for your support.

29 Dec Update:  Biopsy completed.  I will have results in a few days.  Meanwhile i just want to go home and get back to my bible studies and God’s work.  May God be with you all.

28Dec Update : I am feeling a little better , Thanks be to God and all your prayers.  Still awaiting test results and not quite ready to go home yet, as some pneumonia lingers.  But I am trying to get the posts up for you more quickly to get back on track.  But the grace and will of God, we WILL complete the commitment we made a year ago…to read and study the entire bible in one year….Thank you all for sticking with it. I pray it has enriched your walk with Jesus …

22 Dec : My sincere apologies.   As often happens with those with a focus on doing God’s work, I have neglected myself and now have pneumonia and am in the hospital, but Oh, God is good.  I have been able to keep up with the daily studies (just running a few hours later in the day). 

IF I can sit here in the hospital with severe Pneumonia and find the strength in Jesus Christ to do the studies as well as writing the posts, then surely you can find time to read / listen to God’s word today, even if only for a few minutes.

They are posting a little later than normal, but, Praise God, they are up.   I Pray you will continue the schedule and watch for the posts to catch up. I am determined to do God’s Will in completing this study this year ! May Jesus strengthen me and help me finish out this year.  May you all have a wonderful remaining year full of joy and Jesus.  Thank you for your understanding. Barbara


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On behalf of CGM and it’s readers, and to our Brethren and followers around the world, we send our prayers to all affected by the reign of terror plaguing the world today. You are in our hearts and prayers. May God be with you, May Jesus comfort and carry you in these times of trouble.

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Can you spare a little time for God today? 

He is waiting for you!