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Cagleonline Gospel Ministry is now  Gospel Ministry of Christ.us .  The site has not changed – just the name.  I felt led to more clearly designate this site, but I did not wish to have to try to move it so Gospel Ministry of Christ will redirect to cagleonline.com.  Thanks be to God for His direction and guidance by the Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ.


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  • Financial Disclosure  (updated 26 Nov 2015) ALL donations go toward the work of this Ministry. I do not receive a ‘salary’.  This is a full time work to the Glory of Jesus Christ.  Any donations exceeding the costs to maintain this online ministry are forwarded to those in need of food, clothing, bibles, medical care, etc.
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On behalf of CGM and it’s readers, and to our Brethren and followers around the world, we send our prayers to all affected by the reign of terror plaguing the world today. You are in our hearts and prayers. May God be with you, May Jesus comfort and carry you in these times of trouble.

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